• Alexandrite:
    A stone noted for its color changing abilities. Colors are greenish outdoors, and reddish to violet under artificial light. Alexandrite is extremely rare. Alexandrite is one of the birthstones for June.

  • Amethyst:
    A semi-precious quartz gemstone, ranging in color from clear purple to bluish violet. Birthstone for February.

  • Aquamarine:
    Semi-precious porous stone ranging in color from light blue to sea green. Birthstone for March.

  • Black Star Sapphire:
    A cabochon cut black sapphire that displays a 6 ray star. These stones are always heat treated to improve their color.

  • Blue Star Sapphire:
    A cabochon cut blue sapphire displaying a 3 ray, 6 point star.

  • Blue Topaz:
    A topaz ranging in color from pale blue to bright blue. Most blue topaz is irradiated & heat treated to produce their blue color. Birthstone for December.

  • Cats Eye:
    A phenomenon seen in various gems when they are cabochon cut, resulting in a bright single line down the center.

  • Ceylon Sapphire:
    These deep royal blue sapphires from Sri Lanka, formally Ceylon, are the finest in the world.

  • Citrine:
    A semi-precious quartz gemstone, ranging in color from a light yellow to a brilliant orange.

  • Diamond:
    A very valued gem composed of pure carbon, the hardest of all known natural substances. Birthstone for April.

  • Emerald:
    One of the most valuable gems, ranging in color from green to bluish-green. Birthstone for May.

  • Garnet:
    A group of semi-precious stones ranging in all colors but blue. Most commonly a deep red. Birthstone for January.

  • Iolite:
    A transparent, violet blue, light or yellow gray mineral. Also know as the water sapphire.

  • Mother of Pearl:
    The material obtained from the inside of the shell of a certain large mollusk.